Summer Horse Camp Pictures

Kids love our Summer Horse Camp program and so do we!

Camper’s arrive at 9AM and start the day by helping us feed the horses.  We want our campers to learn all about caring for horses as well as riding. We prepare our campers for horse ownership and, if they choose to own a horse one day, we teach them all aspects of horse care.  Maybe some day they’ll go on to rescue or adopt a horse of their own!

Once we finished the morning feeding, it’s time to catch, halter and groom our horses.  During this time, the kids are taught all the basics of safely catching a horse in a paddock, haltering them, leading them and basic horse grooming (brushing).  Even if your child has no experience with horses, we help them build their confidence to handle a 1,000 pound animal!  It’s amazing to see the campers confidence and self esteem soar to new heights!

We then move on to tacking (putting on the saddle and bridle) our horses and get prepared to ride.  All of our campers ride every day of camp!  They may ride English or Western.  Our job is to teach them the fundamentals so they can ride safely inside the arena and out of the arena.  A favorite with all our campers is when we don’t use any tack and just ride our horses bareback!

Riding is followed by lunch time.  During their lunch break, we teach them about different breeds of horses, identifying the parts of a horse and different types of riding disciplines.  We also do some horsey related crafts during their break.

After lunch we do lots of different activities.  We go swimming, give the horses baths, play horse games, take the horses swimming in the river, clean the sheds & paddock areas and much more!  Everyday is a learning adventure!

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